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At Orchestra, we ensure that your relationship prospers. Our couples counsellors have travelled the globe studying couples to provide Calgary Couples Counselling, couples counselling in Calgary, Alberta; and couples counselling in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Through evidenced-based science we assist you in learning the language of love and how it can be utilized to fulfil the partnership you desire, so much that you become the experts at it yourself. In honour of our 20th year serving, we offer a free complimentary consultation to share with you just how you can thrive in a love that exceeds your expectations and one that will last a lifetime.

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Calgary Couples Counselling

Building A Love That Lasts

Sooner or later, it happens to every couple. Things get stressful, communication breaks down, and before you know it you’re in a vicious cycle of hurt feelings, silent treatments and resentment.
And at that point, most of us think: How can we get out of this mess? 

Our couples counselling in Calgary and surrounding areas offers the answer. For couples who are willing to address their issues head-on and invest in the health of their partnership, there are few better ways than this. It allows couples to work on their relationship in a safe space without judgment.

Whether you come from an existing relationship, or you’re trying to bring your ultimate date up to speed with you, getting into couples therapy can significantly enhance your relationship and put you on the fast-track to happiness.

If you’re looking to save your relationship and build a love that lasts, please read on.

Relationship Counselling Work?

American psychologist John Gottman set out to answer the question of whether marital interactions could be used as reliable predictors of divorce after watching a couple for 15 minutes. After studying hundreds of couples, his research revealed he was able to use these marital interactions to determine with 90% accuracy which couples would divorce. Through his research we will help you discover which marital interactions he observed and how you can prevent them in developing a healthy relationship with your partner through couples therapy.

Issues in Couples Counselling

The issues that can be addressed are as diverse as the people we serve, but some common examples are communication problems, exploring their feelings, a heightened sense of understanding themselves in new ways, resolving issues with our couples struggling building intimacy, creating greater connection, learning more about their partners, trust issues, questions about how to parent children in a blended family situation, infidelity, affair recovery, concerns about partners struggling with depression, and self-esteem.

What Marriage Counselling Is Like

Calgary couples counselling often employs a number of different therapeutic orientations including emotionally focused therapy, the Gottman method, Cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, Gestalt therapy, and Solution-focused approaches.

Couples may meet with a couples or marriage counsellor to talk individually as well as together to address the issues they’re facing. In addition to the sessions with couples alone, there is also some time where therapists encourage them to try out new skills in between sessions and talk more openly which helps facilitate lasting change and renew their commitment.

The Orchestra Method of Counselling

At Orchestra, we take a comprehensive approach by looking at how both parties contribute to a problem in a nonjudgemental manner. We also take a collaborative approach where we work with the couple to identify what strategies they can implement at home, in the workplace, or elsewhere to address their needs. In addition to this, we consider each person’s contribution by looking at how they impact the other party and how old patterns that didn’t work in the relationship can be interchanged with healthy ones that do. Through cooperation you begin to see couples bond in new ways they did not before and we continue to build on that spark.

The Gottman Method of Counselling

Our work is heavily influenced by the Gottman method of Calgary couples counselling.The Gottman method of counselling is a type of empirically-supported, scientifically-informed, marriage counselling model developed by John and Julie Gottman. It views conflict in marital or romantic relationships as the result of problematic dynamics that can be changed. Our world-class Orchestra therapists help couples learn how to interact more constructively with each other while also helping individuals become better communicators and learners about themselves and their partners.

When Couples Seek Counselling

We all can stand to better the quality of our relationships at any particular time; however, when people seek us out it’s usually because they are experiencing distress in their relationship and need some extra support in order to turn things around. Often times an individual therapy session is needed to discuss how this distress or anxiety is impacting new clients in their current relationships with the intent to seek clarity on building healthy relationships and fulfilling lives with their partner.

Benefits of Couples Counselling

The benefits of couples counselling are varied. A few include the ability to have intimate relationships, a greater connection with your partner, a renewed sense of vigour and joy, and a deeper sense of contentment.Orchestra couples therapists can help couples grow together in healthy and sustainable ways and it gives them a new perspective on their interactions and their marriage as a whole. Once new shared meaning and identity is found, the relationship becomes both a foundation of love and a resource to handle the stressors of life. Essentially, it becomes the center from which all things good happen and a place of safety, warm, and security.

Emotionally-Focused Therapy

We love Emotionally-focused therapy (EFT) at Orchestra. Emotionally-Focused Couples Counselling in relationship therapy is an approach primarily developed by Dr. Susan Johnson and Leslie Greenberg who are well known for their work in the relationship field. In fact, one of our main practitioners studied under the tutelage of Dr. Greenberg. The main premise of this counselling orientation is that good relationships are based on clear communication at all levels between partners, intimacy through being open about one’s feelings, emotional safety and security for both parties, and creating shared meaning.

Cost of Couples Therapy

Our rates are customary to the fees outlined by the respective provinces of Alberta and Ontario for registered psychotherapists of the calibre and expertise of Orchestra clinicians. Typically they range between $150-200; however, they operate on a sliding scale and often can be covered by extended healthcare plans. Please check your benefits plan to see what you are covered for.


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