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We know how you feel. You try a diet with a new hope, you see how hard it is but tell yourself it will be worth it, you rediscover your love for chocolate, and then hate everyone and wish they cease to exist. If all it took was to eat less and exercise more. Fortunately, science has identified which factors lead to successfully in Calgary Weight Management Therapy. However, each individual is unique and the better you are able to understand yourself and your actions, the easier it is to perform healthy behaviours over the duration of your life.

Real change requires understanding the most important factor for success, you, and we are going to ensure you do, from anywhere you are in the world.

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30 Years of Weight Management

Your time is precious so we do the heavy lifting for you. We learned from the past 30 years of health science in weight management, uncovered how to engineer the brain to build and sustain lifelong habits, discovered how to prevent relapse, and made it accessible to you in real-time via your own virtual clinic. The only thing we cannot do is put the food directly in your mouth (even though it was considered in our R & D meetings).

Assessing You

To have a successful future, we study from our past. We begin with a health assessment, a plan of care that identifies your specific needs and how we can address those needs from a clinical standpoint.

Multiple histories will be taken such as a medical history, psychological history, treatment history, in addition to a social history, all of which have been identified to play a role in weight management

Often times we uncover things you may not necessarily aware of that have been impacting your results and remove them right from the beginning so you do not hit those barriers at a later date.

The more we learn from your past, the easier it will be for us to identify ways to build on your strengths are rectify your deficits.

By finding out where you were, we can create a direct line to where you want to be.

The Treatment

We carefully researched 75 years of health and behavioural science to utilize the best clinical treatments that have been studied and tested to incorporate into each and every individual program. They are outlined, instructed, and carried out from start to finish.

In collaboration with the uniqueness of our clients, a few of the many interventions we use to cater to them include biological ones in the form of nutrition, supplementation, and sleep; strategies from the field of psychology such as long-term habit formation, anxiety management, and relief  from mood-eating; as well as spiritual concepts such as acceptance.

Nutrition & Exercise Perfection.

Nutrition is both fascinating but can feel overly mathematical and scientific

We crunch the exact numbers of macro and micronutrients you require,  personalize your meal plans and recipes complete with instructions from 90000+ food items, analyze your food diaries to fix nutritional deficiencies,  create ingredient shopping lists for you; and plan it all for the day, week, or month. Maintenance plans are also created to sustain your goal once completed. Exercise prescriptions are also provided right down to the very last rep.

Once completed all your plans are conveniently uploaded to your virtual clinic for access at specific intervals for completion and any changes can me made to it at anytime.

24/7 Accountability

You can run but you can’t hide. With our virtual clinic digital app experience ,any parameter that you desire to be tracked from the amount of sleep, the way you feel, to the very amount of protein you ate in grams per day. You are reminded automatically.

Once your goals have been defined, quantitative and qualitative measures can be used to track your progress and make improvements right away when it matters most rather than having it cost you valuable results.

Tracking Anything and Everything

Trackers can be set up daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly for both yourself and your professional to view with live messages and notifications through Calgary Weight Management Therapy, just pick a specific start date and end date and tracking begins.

We are motivated by progress. Automatically keeping track of both your successes and areas of improvement will keep your results driving you to your goal.

Communication: All lines Open

We get how frustrating it can be to not be able to get important information that you need to benefit your life in a timely fashion.

We solved this by ensuring any information regarding imperative at any part of your weight management process is conveyed immediately. We created a library of educational resources that can be shared electronically with you, you are able to share any documents such as lab records and health records so we can comment on them from any device.

Professional Assistance

Moreover, whether it is at the individual level, within group, or a larger community, both you and our professionals can post a message at anytime and receive an immediate response through your virtual experience.

Our electronic communication is so good you will question whether it’s better than your live experiences with others.

Group Think

The power of group culture in shaping and sustaining behaviour has been well documented. We wanted to ensure healthy eating habits and lifestyle behaviours stick by leveraging teams just like you with a common purpose, our most talked about virtual clinic feature.

Our live group sessions are lead by our registered therapists to ensure any negative behaviours that may detract from forming lifelong habits are worked through and help build healthy behaviour that sustain them.

Mobility Stability

Also group messaging conversations are enabled in our mobile app and you can share information, tips, your successes, and create group discussions you would like others to comment on.

The only drawback we have found? It’s often difficult saying goodbye to the group when it ends. Nevertheless, the friendships that are made often last a lifetime.

Healthcare With a Heart

Although the power of technology has reached a point where we can deliver the results our clients hoped for in a way we could never think possible 15 years ago, at Orchestra we never forget how compassion was the main ingredient in making it so.

Behind each and every feature we made to better serve you was the intent to produce outcomes other may have not simply because we cared enough about our clients to find ways to better serve them.

Affordable Care, Everywhere

In pricing our Calgary Weight Management Therapy programs we considered standard rates for the time of a highly-skilled psychotherapist per session, then lessened it to promote inclusivity of our services but also added the value of having a nutritionist and personal trainer for the same price. We wanted you to have it all while also valuing the education and experience of our practitioners.

We succeeded.

A Program for Every Budget

No corners cut, ever. We offered the most value we could regardless the option you choose and independent of the degree of assistance you need. For further help deciding which may be best for you, do not hesitate to reach out.



“I’ve bounced around from program to program all my life wasting money and time because nobody ever taught me to solve what was really going on. I was shown a result that came fast and nothing that ever last. The things I learned from the Orchestra clinicians that was a game changer for me is that losing weight isn’t a result, it’s a process of learning. Once I learned about weight loss from a science perspective, it was no longer about just losing weight, my life changed from the ground up. The same habits I learned to manage my weight are now the same very habits I run my businesses, so much that I put my employees on the same programs. The skills we learned for life and the principles are everlasting. On behalf of my company, we offer thanks the Calgary weight management therapy team.”


Online Course

$49.99/ Week

12 Weeks
Start anytime
Practitioner-created curriculum
Initial Assessment
Self-paced independent learning
Accessible from any device
Completion Follow-up

Flexible payment plans

Covered by extended health benefits


Live Group


12 Weeks
Professional Instruction
Reserved Group Dates
Live Group Sessions
Full Module-Based Curriculum
Practitioner instructed plans
E-Clinic Access
Complete Report of All Interventions
Covered by Extended Health Benefits


Professional Programming

$180/ Week

12 Weeks
Professional Instruction
Reserved Group Dates
Live Group Sessions
Full Curriculum
All professionally developed Individualized plans
Full progress monitoring and tracking between sessions
E-Clinic App Access
Covered by Extended Health Benefits


A Note to You.

If you’re looking for Calgary Weight Management Therapy to lose weight, you’re likely going to experience some difficulty along the way. At Orchestra we made sure to guide you every step of the way, all the way, so this would not be the case.

First and foremost however, it’s important to be realistic about your goals and it’s important know that small setbacks are a part of the journey. We cannot promise perfection, but we can assure you that these setbacks will easily troubleshooted on your road to success with us.

Another common challenge we all experience is patience, or lack thereof. Although we often lose faith in things that require long-term commitment, we can assure you that your patience will come with the benefits you hoped for. We find by providing you results throughout your time with us, managing your weight becomes its own reward. That is how a habit is formed and a lifestyle change is made.

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that weight loss isn’t a one-time event — it is an ongoing process. If you slip up once or twice during your weight loss journey, don’t be discouraged; we will help you see this to the very end as you had hoped for.

Your commitment will be rewarded. Stay true to the path and true to yourselves and we will see you at the finish line.h=

The Orchestra Team