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Ideally, we not only hope a family to be one that nurtures us, helps us grow, and supports our very dreams, but loves us unconditionally along the way. Reality and life’s challenges often compromise that ideal.

Nevertheless, at Orchestra, we don’t see the problematic behaviour as within a particular person; rather, as one that is created and sustained through the dynamic of the family. A positive behavioural change from any one member creates a ripple effect through all.  At Orchestra, its our life’s work in being able to assist you in altering some of the moving parts to benefit your entire family as a whole.

Please read on to assist in making a decision of whether Orchestra family counselling services in Calgary can be your trusted service provider today.

Families in Need

There is a growing trend of families seeking counselling in order to deal with issues that are affecting their lives. According to the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, the number of families seeking counselling has increased by more than 50% over the last decade.

One big reason for this increase is that there are so many different types of family problems that need to be addressed. From relationship issues to parenting challenges, every family is facing something unique and difficult at some point in their life.

Our world-class family therapists have specialized training in order to help families who are struggling. They understand the unique needs of families and can help them work through their problems together. This is an effective way for families to overcome any challenges they may be facing and move forward into a healthier future.

What is family counselling and what does it entail?

The family unit is no longer just mom and dad and two kids—it could be single parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, or any variation that you can imagine. Family counselling aims to help these unique units grow stronger together through exploring all aspects of these dynamics.

Family counselling offers a safe space for families to talk about their emotions, big or small.

Can Orchestra provide online counselling for my family?

Online counselling is offered at Orchestra. Our secure platform makes it easy for both video and phone conferencing without any data breaches and all conversations through the platform are completely confidential.

In fact, studies have revealed that the efficacy of online counselling is equal to that of in-person counselling and the majority of our clients have expressed that they would prefer not to return to in-person counselling due to increased convenience and flexibility is has afforded them.

What do family members often discuss?

The discussions in family therapy are as diverse as our clients themselves as we work with everyone to put all the pieces that create a happy family into place.

Family therapy provides a chance for families to discuss any problems they have been having as a unit, including but not limited to parenting styles, communication barriers, family dynamics, relationship issues between members of the group, grief, and much more.

How can family therapy help better mental health?

Studies suggest that family therapy can be used to improve mental health in families by creating stronger connections between its units.

How much does family therapy cost?

Our rates are competitive with the market rates of family therapists in Calgary and Toronto; however, we do operate on a sliding scale to accommodate as many families as we can.

What does a first session look like in family therapy and what can I expect?

The first session is often more of an orientation or general meeting to make sure everyone feels comfortable. Our therapists will let every family member share their thoughts and the conversations ahead, but each session is personalized based on what each family wants to accomplish through counselling.

At the end of family therapy, families  feel like they have a more supported and cohesive unit.

What if I am not ready for counselling?

Counselling requires effort and commitment. If you’re not ready to open up about your struggles or face some of the problems that plague your family dynamic, there is absolutely no pressure. The beauty of family counselling is that you can take your time and work through it at your own pace.

Will your family therapists be able to provide effective counselling for my family?

All of our therapists are trained at the highest level with accreditation from provincial licensing bodies, The College of Registered Psychotherapists (CRPO) and the Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta (ACTA), that regulate their ethical conduct and keep the public safe from any harmful misconduct. Their credentials and qualifications are open to the public for verification.

What concerns, difficulties, or challenges do family members feel comfortable bringing up with your family therapists?

Some common concerns that are brought up at in sessions might include parenting styles, communication barriers, family dynamics, relationship issues between members of the group, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, ways of coping with life changes, how to process life transitions, how to better connect with each other, issues with friends, trauma and its impact on the family unit, low feelings of worth, and much more.

How many sessions does my family require and how quickly will my family see positive changes from therapy?

Every family is unique and has different issues that require different amounts of time. However, most families attend from 8-12 sessions.

Our clientele often report that positive changes can begin right from the first session as hope and expectation through the confident guidance of the right counsellor can immediately provided them with a new direction they may not have had before.

My children are having a tough time dealing with conflict within the family, can you provide solutions to resolve this and help them cope?

Sometimes, underlying negative emotions and conflicts can escalate and be taken out on the children in the family. Effective communication skills to resolve conflictswithout blame or hostility and providing tools for both parents and children to deal with feelings associated with stress such as anger or sadness are provided.

Are family therapy services and programs covered by my extended health benefits plan?

Many insurance companies will provide coverage for family counselling services in Calgary. Please check your benefit package and inquire about what services you are covered for.

How can my family and I get started with family counselling at Orchestra?

Booking an appointment is easy. If you and your family would like to begin simply book your complimentary consult and tell us your concern and we will reach out to you shortly. It’s free and can help you decide if Orchestra can be your trusted provider today.

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