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Sooner or later, it happens to every couple. Things get stressful, communication breaks down, and before you know it you’re in a vicious cycle of hurt feelings, silent treatments and resentment. Moreover, with nearly 40% of marriages ending in divorce, relationships may seem like an exercise in futility.

It’s at this point where most of us think: How can we get out of this mess?

Welcome to couples therapy. For couples who are willing to address their issues head-on and invest in the health of their partnership, there are few better ways than this.

Couples therapy is for couples who want to work on their relationship in a safe space without judgmental outsiders or the fear of being found out.

if you’re looking to save your relationship — read on!

What is Marriage Counselling?

Couple Therapy and Marriage Counselling Calgary is a time of learning where partners can share their feelings about themselves and their relationships more openly. It’s also an opportunity to learn how to communicate with your partner more effectively, which can lead to better understanding of one another.

At Orchestra Counselling and Wellness, we witness the sentiment that love conquers all. The moments you have experienced are too precious and too priceless to let go of and the sacrifices you have made to obtain them are a testament to that. We are here to help you honour your commitment by sustaining the gift of love you were so fortunate to receive.

What is the hardest part of marriage counselling?

Some might say it’s admitting that something needs to change within the relationship- that things aren’t perfect anymore and that you need help working things out. Some people feel embarrassed at first to admit they made a mistake in getting married- especially if they’ve been together for a long time and it’s ‘too late’ to do anything about it. Others might say it’s knowing where to turn since there are so many options available- from self help books, websites, and online resources to traditional therapists and free community or church programs.

Why do people turn to Orchestra for relationship therapy in light of alternative options?

Orchestra Counselling and Wellness is more than just a place for people to go when they are having problems in their relationships, it’s also a place where people can come with any number of psychological or emotional issues which may be underlying issues affecting the marriage as a whole. We find that people who come to us for therapy for other reasons tend to become aware of the issues which are affecting their relationships and this awareness motivates them to make changes within themselves which have positive effects on all aspects of their lives. Helping people connect the dots is so important in that they realize that it’s not all about them or their relationship, but a bigger picture involved in treatment. It changes the entire dynamic of the relationship from competition to cooperation.

How long will it take for couples therapy to improve my relationship?

It certainly depends on how committed you and your partner are in making changes in yourselves. Some people get faster results than others, but the best results are seen when partners are committed to learning new ways of being with one another and open to accepting where they have room for improvement.

What do counselling sessions entail?

Counselling sessions may include reviews of the history of the relationship, an exploration of how each partner feels about their marriage and its future, what each one wants out of it, and how each views the other person.

There are also more technical aspects to marriage counselling which includes learning new ways to solve problems or improve communication skills. The sessions might be used for exploring options for solving marital conflicts, discussing specific issues that arise within the course of treatment, evaluating outcomes of therapy, planning for future events in life (e.g. children leaving home) together with your partner.

What types of approaches do Orchestra therapists use with couples?

Emotionally focused therapy (EFT)

Emotionally focused therapy is an approach that helps partners support each other through the natural highs and lows of close relationships. It encourages couples to build on their strengths as a foundation for improving communication, trust, and closeness.

Gottman Method

The Gottman Method is a scientifically-supported approach with strong research evidence to support it. It helps couples build happy and stable marriages by promoting the formation of shared meaning in relationships, effective conflict resolution skills, positive communication patterns, and shared pleasure and meaning in marriage.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps couples identify and correct problematic thinking styles that may be hurting a relationship. CBT is based on the idea that our thoughts cause our feelings and behaviors, not external things like people, situations, or events.

Gestalt therapy

Gestalt therapy is an open, here-and-now approach, which focuses on what is happening in the client’s life at that moment. It encourages insight into behaviours and motivations outside of awareness to bring about positive changes for the client.

What happens during my first session?

The first session is called an “intake” and starts with our therapists asking you some questions about your relationship, what has brought you to counselling, and what type of treatment you’re looking for.

It’s the beginning of a journey towards understanding yourself better as a couple and changing those things that aren’t working in your marriage or partnership. It establishes a legitimate hope and expectation that it is possible to improve communication patterns and resolve conflict together.

How can Orchestra Counselling help?

At Orchestra Counselling & Wellness we believe in a collaborative approach to counselling which means both partners need to work together to improve their marriage. We believe it is essential for both partners to communicate with each other about what they do best and what they find difficult so that they can work together to create a healthy and happy future in their relationship. There might be different dynamics at play which you and your partner need to learn how to handle in the most effective way possible.

What types of issues are discussed during marriage counselling?

Here are a few issues couples often discuss:

dealing with a partner’s depression or addiction;

learning how to communicate

healing from infidelity, affair recovery, and rebuilding trust in the relationship; and/or

coping with chronic illness

grief, stress, anxiety, and anger

increasing verbal communication.

developing mutual respect and admiration

conflict, conflict management, and conflict resolution

Is Marriage therapy enough for couples who want to stay together?

Counselling is one tool in the arsenal of finding success in staying together through thick and thin. Counselling can aid your relationship by helping you discover what you need to be happy and how to implement it; however, it cannot help you find happiness if that does not come from within yourself already.

That’s an important distinction. You may still decide to end your relationships, even if you both go for counselling, for a host of reasons. Nevertheless, a commitment to the process and work of counselling you and your partner do makes decisions of whether to stay or go far easier to make.

What is the biggest benefit of marriage counselling?

The benefits of counselling extend far beyond simply solving problems, many couples report that counselling is a place where they learned how to communicate in a way that was previously foreign to them; and therefore, marriage counselling helped to strengthen the relationship over time.

What values inform your work with couples?

We value integrity, honesty, respectfulness, professionalism, confidentiality, authenticity, and most importantly, love. Rather than viewing it as destination, we value it as a guiding force that motivates. It resonates in every aspect of helping others both psychologically and interpersonally and throughout all our programs and services. We also believe in creating an environment where everyone present feels safe enough to be vulnerable which ultimately leads us closer to understanding ourselves more fully with positive outcomes for our clients.

How much does marriage counselling cost?

Our marriage counselling Calgary rates are competitive with the market for therapists in Alberta; however, there are options available that fit into every budget including our low-cost group programs for couples we offer. As they fill up quite fast, please inquire about availability.

Moreover, many insurance companies provide coverage for counselling. Please check with your provider to determine what your coverage entails.

How can I get started with couples therapy?

If you live in Calgary; nearby areas like Edmonton, Airdrie, Cochrane or Chestermere; or from Alberta in itself, Wellness & Orchestra Marriage Counselling Calgary can help. We provide compassionate counselling services for individuals who need help through any of life’s challenges. If you would like more information simply reach out and book a free consultation at your convenience.

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To all Couples...

Relationships can be rocky but through the marriage and couples counselling services we provide, the opportunity to reach the summit and experience the love you desire exists. Our team at Orchestra includes expert therapists devoted to providing compassionate help as love is both an ongoing value of ours just as much as it is a destination you hope to arrive at.

We are ready to embark on the journey with you when you are.

Take good care of yourselves till then.