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Mood disorders are second to heart disease in their ability to cause disability worldwide. Comorbidity, the presence of two mental illnesses simultaneously, results in poorer treatment outcomes compared to treating each illness separate. Times for treatment are longer, moods worsen,  high costs are incurred, and dropout rates increase. Accessibility to qualified clinicians to administer evidenced-based treatments designed to treat comorbidity in mood disorders across geographical regions has been limited. Our clinically-driven program, Mood Matters, solves this problem by treating illness simultaneously. Faster treatment rates, lower costs, and less opportunity for relapse now exist.

Who is Mood Matters for?

Mood Counselling Services in Calgary, Mood Matters, is for anyone who is above the age of 18 who is suffering from any kind of depression and anxiety disorder or is experiencing them comorbidly. Common issues and diagnoses include Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Phobias

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There is a stigma surrounding mental illness that makes it difficult for those suffering to come forward and seek treatment. But the truth is, getting the help you need is one of the most selfless things you can do for yourself. The road to recovery from any type of mental illness involves diligent work in therapy, but there are numerous life-changing benefits that come from Mood Matters. Here are a few.

You will have the tools to recognize the triggers of your depression and anxiety

When you start feeling depressed, sometimes you don’t even know where it came from. You just wake up one day feeling sad and hopeless, and have no idea how to lift yourself out of it. But knowing the triggers of your depression is key to being able to avoid them. If you know what sends you into a downward spiral, you can learn to sidestep the pressure and navigate your life in a way that keeps you out of that state as much as possible.

Your First and Last Mood treatment

You’ll understand why you feel the way you do, and learn techniques to cope.

One of the most frustrating things about dealing with depression and anxiety is not knowing why you feel the way you do. It’s often a mixture of sadness, hopelessness, and an overwhelming feeling of being trapped. You may feel like you don’t deserve to be happy, and that the bad things in your life are too much to handle. You may feel like nothing is going your way and that things will never get better. Your treatment program will help you understand why you feel this way, and give you coping mechanisms to work through the negative feelings and emotions.

10 Clinical Interventions The Experts Use To Treat Mood Disorders

Thoughts, Feelings, & Behaviours

Conceptualize the commonalities of Mood Counselling Services in Calgary disorders through the Cognitive-Behavioural Model of treatment, the most widely studied and empirically-researched treatment used my clinicians across the globe


Learn the situational, emotional, and physical triggers that impact your mood

Understand the impact between your thoughts and your feelings

Identify harmful thinking patterns and distortions

Reframe thoughts that encourage pleasant mood states

Attention & Perception

Learn how your perception and attention sustain your mood and how evidenced-based interventions can involving them can create pleasant emotional states


Recognize how perception may distort reality

Learn how your senses are the input to your thinking and often how you feel as a result

Recognize harmful and maladaptive core beliefs that may be fueling your mood states

Learn how attention can be manipulated to benefit your mood

The Lies Our Mind Whispers

The mind can “lie” as a function in your survival which is a good thing; however, it does often make mistakes resulting in unnecessary negative emotional states


Learn how what causes your mind to go into “fight or flight”

Understand how rumination can cause negative mood states and how to prevent it

Gain the skills to call off your emotional response system

Learn how critical thinking can prevent our wandering brain from creating worry.

Good Food, Good Mood

Food not only provides nourishment for our body but for our brain. Good food literally can bring about good moods


Learn diets that have been tested specifically with anxiety and depression patients that eliminated the diagnosis

Discover the foods that indirectly produce enzymes to natural mood-enhancing chemicals your brain manufactures.

Uncover how the key to your mood often lies in gut health

Reduce harmful inflammation that may be causing your depression and anxiety

Move Your Mood

Our early ancestors thrived off physical activity and being mobile but now with sedentary living negative health outcomes have revealed exercise cannot be overlooked any longe


Discover the exact intensity, duration, and type of exercises needed to alleviate negative mood states.

Learn how to conveniently incorporate movement into your everyday life to sustain stable mood.

Uncover how exercise benefits stress relief.

Create unique exercise prescriptions for your mood and overall health simultaneously.


A controversial topic indeed that can be classified into the good, the bad, and the ugly. Knowledge regarding medication is essential to determine if its right for you


Learn the history of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications and the controversy surrounding them as a treatment option.

Learn the differences between medication and therapy as treatment options and the benefits and risks of each

Learn drug interactions that can alter your mood for the worse.

Understand the benefits and limitations of medications in long-term treatment

Mind Full or Mindful?

If there’s one thing we can agree on it’s that life changes. Controlling things we cannot can be a source of frustration but learning to let go of what we cannot is an ancient recipe in finding peace and tranquility


Uncover the power of mindfulness and meditation to bring about a calmer mind

Discover how to let go of harmful thoughts and emotions through engaging your five senses

Uncover the impact your breath has in producing deep relaxation states

Reduce anxiety in minutes through noticing things without attachment to them

Social Healing

We were born to connect. Humans are wired for connection and thrive on having our emotions regulated by others as well as using others as a source of positive emotions and mood states


Uncover which connections are vital to emotional stability

Learn the types of groups and social supports necessary for long-term mood stability

Learn to manage unconscious triggers from outside sources impacting your mood states

Decent Exposure

The only thing to fear is fear itself. By avoiding our fears we make them stronger but by facing them directly we can eliminate them for good


Create an exposure hierarchy to safely overcome your fears in stages

Undergo group exposure to alleviate your fears within the comfort of a group

Gain vital feedback in creating the right exposures to terminate your fears.

Learn how others have overcome their anxiety through simple exposures that can be done daily.

Relapse Prevention

Treatment is ineffective if the same issues that you presented with return. Our final intervention will ensure that relapse will not be a part of your program.


Create a daily living plan, a short-term prevention plan, and a long-term prevention plan to nullify anxiety and depressive mood states.

Uncover conscious and unconscious triggers to prevent them from bringing forth negative emotional states

Discover individual and community-based resources built for relapse prevention

Implement a structured network designed to handle life stressors and pitfalls that may arise unexpectedly

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A Big Thanks to All

To our amazing clinicians who worked tirelessly to create our programs and our beloved participants who saw the value in joining them, may your days be filled with happiness, always.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the individual nature of mood and anxiety disorders it is impossible to predict outcomes; however, patients and clients have all reported either the complete elimination of symptoms to no longer meet their respective diagnosis or a significant reduction of their symptoms

Mood Counselling Services in Calgary clients all tend to report that their symptoms improve and are feeling an improvement in their mood shortly after the first intervention early on in the course or two sessions into the live group.

Although there has never been an instance where the interventions in this program have not been sufficient to produce benefits, your money for the course will be returned upon completion of the program and referral resources will be provided to ensure you get the help you need.

Although the concepts are advanced, the course is has been designed with simplicity in mind to ensure they are learned and skills are retained for life. The content in itself consists of short lessons, discussions, worksheets, and exercises all of which can be completed easily and in a timely manner regardless of age or education level.

Each week you will meet with leading health professionals who will direct interventions, guide your progress, and work to ensure you result upon completion of the group via live video. May clients have expressed the social connection and the bonds created within group have lasted well beyond it.