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Counselling has become increasingly prominent in the world of mental health, especially at a time where life has become so difficult for so many; and yet, has been so inaccessible that people have not been getting help when they need it the most. With Orchestra, our online counselling services platform will enable you to receive professional counselling services when you need them, wherever you need them, without sacrificing the humanity that makes great counselling, great. Therapy has never been this smooth and satisfying. Welcome to Orchestra Online Counselling in Alberta.

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How Online Counselling Services Alberta Works

Online counselling through Orchestra works by allowing you to select a safe space to utilize your computer or phone during live sessions and engage in coursework, activities, and homework outside of the session. You tell us what you need about online therapy services for your mental support, we match you with a therapist who best fulfills them, you book a session for a date and time of your choice, and you are set to begin. You can speak with our highly skilled & licensed therapists through virtual therapy like live video chat or phone calls; this means that geographical restrictions are no longer the case and you can receive treatment, with increased accessibility, affordability, as well as anonymity. Furthermore, our therapists assess your mental health conditions, create treatment plans, and provide you with essential resources to guide you from the start of your specified goal to the very end of its completion.


Affordable Care

Insurance Coverage

Accessible Anywhere

The Cost of Online Therapy and an Online Counsellor

We focus on the value of inclusion through the creation of our online therapy platform to best assist clients and their unique circumstances. Although you can expect the highest qualifications in regard to our therapists and counsellors, we do our best to ensure nobody gets left behind. Our online therapy costs are customary to the standard fees outlined by each provincial regulatory body for registered psychotherapists and counsellors; however, we have also created online services and group programs that are low-cost and some which are offering free online therapy services.

Moreover, we also have created flexible payment structures to be able to peer support your needs and your unique therapeutic goals which vary depending on factors such as the number of sessions required to help you feel more fulfilled in your life and what type of treatment plan would best suit you.

Is Online Counselling Effective?

Results have indicated it is just as effective as an in-person therapy session and more similar than one would originally expect it to be.

A study done by Brinkerhoff et al. (1990) found that after six months of traditional therapy both face-to-face and online clients showed significant changes in symptoms, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors related to their problems. In the same study, clients were asked about what mode of therapy they preferred and both reported being equally satisfied with their preferred mode of therapy.

Also, in a study done by Younggren & Cochran (201), 20 years later, research indicated there were no significant differences between face-to-face counselling and web-based counselling.

Secure Privacy

Just as with in-person counselling, your health information and privacy are completely secured online.

From the moment you schedule an appointment to when you leave an online session, rest assured that what you have shared will remain between you and your therapist.

Also, our online platform is industry-standard in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and all data is secured and available to you at your request.

What You Can Expect From Online Session

Expect to experience the skill, expertise, and compassionate therapists of Orchestra. They create a sense of comfort and allow you to be able to express yourself in a way that assists you in being unapologetically you.

Although there is a matching process to assist you in finding who is best to suit your wishes, we pride ourselves on being able to click with our clients through our approach of non-judgment, empathy, and nurturance.

Free Online Counselling in Calgary, Alberta/ Ontario

Outside of Orchestra’s free online counselling in Alberta groups that run periodically during the year, there may be by doing a google search and looking into programs in your local area. Free government-funded programs may not be available, but privately funded and sponsored programs, although obscure, may exist.


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“I’ve had multiple therapists during the years (bad) and really did not know what to think when I decided to give online counselling a shot. I was blown away. I was more connected to my therapist on the computer than I was with all the other ones I had! My therapist was in tune with my needs and actually listened. After all the bad experiences they even offered to return my money if I did not get the results I wanted most. That was a welcome surprise! It showed me right then and there  I was working with experts, something I didn’t feel with others. The connection allowed me to discuss things I left out with previous therapists and I reached my goal for the first time after many attempts. I would gladly recommend Orchestra to anyone, so much, I already have.”