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"50% of Dieters Fail Within the First Month of Trying."

Therefore, we made sure you would not. Enclosed is the inner workings of your 2 Day  Experience and what went into creating the most comprehensive weight management program in Canada.


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The Weight Loss Industry Has Failed You

The vast majority of individuals who want to lose weight will not and those who do fail to keep it off. The weight loss industry knows that. Your failures are there recipe for success. Without it, the sale of a  new diet, a membership, a piece of equipment, or a supplement would not be possible. Without you failing and blaming yourself for it, where would they be? In fact, who would they be without you?
Unfair really when the weight loss industry knows something you don’t. The root of the issue wasn’t your lack of willpower, that you lost weight too fast, or cheated on your diet. No, the reason?  Your brain.

Set Point Theory

Known as the setpoint, your brain keeps the body between a certain weight range which is predetermined by genes and life experiences.  When you diet and your weight drops below it, not only does it become harder to lose weight, it makes it easier to gain weight and food becomes more rewarding too. Your body hates dieting just as much as you do and pushes you to gain weight to prevent you from hurting yourself.  The weight loss industry sold you a lie. Your misery was their company while they continued to smile and hand you the fork.

Well, for the last time that is. The solution lies in working with your mind and body and not against it by teaching you what the weight loss industry wish you didn’t know and everything they wish they did.  By learning the science behind weight management the way physicians, nutritionists, psychologists, and personal trainers do, managing you weight becomes no more challenging than brushing your teeth on a routine basis. Through learning how the professionals approach weight loss and management in their lives, you become the health professional who is capable of producing it in yours. 

It is our greatest pleasure to be able to finally give you what you had hoped.

Benefits You Can Expect

Managing your weight benefits every area of your life, physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. Regardless of your reason for managing or losing weight, you can be sure the changes will be multifaceted.

Weight Management
Lower Blood Pressure
Normal Blood Sugar
Higher Self-Esteem
Lower Tryglycerides
Improved Mental Health
Reduced Pain
Improved Mood
And many more..

The Biopsychosocial Model of Health

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Physical factors which result in disorder or illness such as genes, viruses, hormones, chemicals, and other bodily issues.


Psychological factors which contribute to disorder such as low self-efficacy, control, helplessness, or emotional difficulties.


Social factors which protect or contribute to disorder which include family, friends, community, and environmental resources.

Your 2 Day Itinerary

Psychoeducation of The Food and Weight Loss Industry

Learn the dirty tricks the food and weight loss industry uses to engineer cravings and keep you from succeeding. Discussion of individual experiences of programs, learning from failure, and scientific case studies of successful weight management strategies for life

9:00 AM

The Health and Science of Nutritious Food

Learn knowledge of nutrition for health, rectifying common disorders through nutritious food, eliminating inflammation, learning healthy ingredients, meal planning and preparation, weight loss preparation and planning, the art of grocery shopping, and strategies for convenient delivery.

10:00 AM

The Link Between Food And Mood: Emotional Eating

Learn to understand the link between emotional states and food, the relationship between self-esteem and control on eating behaviours, and stress and its impact on eating habits, the connection between stress and food, and how to regulate emotional eating through environmental and situational management, meditational practice, metacognition, behavioural modification, acceptance and commitment, and compassionate healing.

1:00 PM

The Effect of Purposeful Exercise on Weight Management, Mood & Well-Being

Discover the exercises and activities required for increased metabolism, weight loss, and bone and joint function. Exercise structuring, planning, and preparation provided.

2:00 PM

Sticking Things: Habit Formation and Sustaining Results

Learn how to erase old habits and quickly build new lasting habits for the purpose of sustaining your results. Evidenced based interventions from the world of psychology and the latest scientific breakthroughs are provided.

3:00 PM

Just Do What?: The Science Behind Motivation

Learn the secrets of motivation and discipline to create the ability to eat right consistently and exercise regularly, even when your inner voice says you should not. Psychological interventions are taught to provide constant reward for your efforts while building a greater sense of self.

4:00 PM

I Hate Me: Body Dissatisfaction and Beliefs Regarding Weight & Self-Image

Gain insights regarding the core beliefs about yourself which are sabotaging your weight loss progress and your self-worth. Assessments and interventions are learned to change the beliefs that have hidden impacts on destructive actions preventing you from your goals.

9:00 AM

Watching Your Food: The Brilliance of the Link Between Meditation and Nutrition

Gain access to the secrets of mindfulness meditation in managing cravings, feeling nourished, and moving away from emotion-based food choices,

10:00 AM

Food For Thought: How Thinking Affects Your Relationship With Food.

Learn how your perceptions regarding food influence what you eat, how you eat, and how much. Research-based interventions studied and proven to assist which changing perceptions and thoughts which interfere with weight management will be taught.

1:00 PM

Productivity and Regimented Structuring for Optimal Functioning

Gain access to the greatest productivity tools experts use to automate their lifestyle to ensure optimal functioning of their health regardless of life circumstances.

2:00 PM

Maintenance and Relapse Prevention

Learn skills and techniques required to maintain results to prevent relapse into old habits, destructive patterns, and maladaptive behaviours

3:00 PM

Review and Troubleshooting

Ensure your individualized treatment plans are secured and sustained for life.

4:00 PM

The Complete Health Solution

Our 2 Day Group Workshop was designed to rectify the problems associated with commercial weight loss programs on the market and fill the gaps of knowledge our clients did not have so they could the be the experts in their lives. Rather than sustaining our customers, we take pride in saying goodbye to them. We pride ourselves on teaching others how to live healthy and sustainable lives rather than providing temporary cookie-cutter solutions. We are proud to say we accomplished this.






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